I am a basketballer.


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This month…many shows for Like, Mountains. 

At least, that’s what my fortune cookie said last night.

No, it didn’t.  Because I didn’t have Chinese food for dinner last night, I had beer.

HOWEVER, we do have several shows coming up, the first of which is THIS FRIDAY 8/12 with GREGORY AND THE HAWK and I HATE YOU JUST KIDDING (from LA). facebook/details here 

Next WEDNESDAY 8/17 you can totally see Like, Mountains at ROCKWOOD Music Hall, 6pm. fb/deets

AND FRIDAY 8/26 Like, Mountains is playing at a new-ish bar in Gowanus called Halyards, which pours a mean (in a good way) selection of American whiskey. Also playing will be Otsego and ALSO playing will be me (Rachel) on bass, with Otsego. Probably.

Throughout the month, we will be inflicting/trying out new songs on you, which might sting a little, but will hurt me more than you, I promise.

Wow, have we really become this overprotective? When I was a child my parents always encouraged me to play on train tracks and I turned out fine.


“We are going to eat ice cream and we are going to eat shit. The trick is to use different spoons.”
— Sam Lipsyte
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